Travis Messina

Chief Real Estate Officer

Tenet Healthcare


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Travis's Summary

Executive strategic leader and healthcare executive with broad US domestic and International experience in identifying strategic solutions to complex business challenges. An innovative entrepreneur recognized for developing global business platforms, leading organizational change and operational improvements. Industry thought leader focused on global inter connectivity and the development of strategies and business platforms to address the scarcity of resources; targeting improved levels of sustainability and wellness in communities. Critical experience with US Healthcare market; key experience in many global regions including Latin America, India, MENA, and Europe. Enables appreciation for the nuances of different healthcare delivery systems and understanding that culture plays a major factor in determining the success of fundamental changes. Extensive experience in the development of entrepreneurial businesses and new healthcare delivery networks operating in multiple countries. This includes the development of a new healthcare system in southern India, and leadership of a multinational team in the business planning for a new integrated HMO focused on serving the entire expatriate community in a key GCC country. Spearheaded the development of over $5 billion USD in healthcare networks, in recent years, through both traditional and alternative delivery structures. Currently the Chief Real Estate Officer for Tenet Health focused on aggregating the key components of Real Estate Administration, Project Management, Development and Planning in to an industry leading innovative healthcare real estate platform focused on patient care and superior outcomes.

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