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After growing dozens of new businesses, turn-arounds and start ups, I now feel like "The Accidental Entrepreneur". I had an aquarium in my basement office, with a few fish. I became involved with endangered and "extinct in the wild" fish, and have grown to 100 aquariums and thousands of fish. 5280 Aquatics is now selling fish and supplies to multiple pet shops and shipping all over the world. I am not sure if it is a hobby that has gotten out of hand, or an emerging niche business. I am also involved in a firearms based start up, that is more fun than profit. It has to do with dried pig bone and fat in hollow point bullets. I am looking for someone to make some "plastic pigs" for lawns, instead of plastic pink flamingos. If you have to ask why, then you are not thinking. My expertise is ito assist emerging businesses to maximise growth by assisting them to structure management and to find capital for growth. I work as a bridge, typically giving a young business a "shave and haircut" and taking them out to seek private equity and venture capital. I have raised funding for non-profit organizations. I am also active in political campaign management and fund raising. Also active in Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). Anyone else work in rescue? Specialties: Fast growth in start up companies. Turning concepts and visions into operating entities. Raising funding for small business through private investors. Managing a company for maximum profit and growth. Getting it done!

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