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I'm a student. Still learning as much as I can. I'm the founder & CEO of X Genesis, and the founder & CEO of 10.10.10. I've been founder of nine ventures, a mentor, an attorney, a musician, a waiter, a painter, a carpenter, a factory worker, a blueberry picker and more. Both X Genesis and 10.10.10 focus on market-based solutions for the world's wicked problems. X Genesis and 10.10.10 working together provide process, program and a platform for entrepreneurs who understand the importance of "founder opportunity fit" before committing the next chapter of their lives to a new venture. We encourage these experienced entrepreneurs to use their knowledge and experience to create extraordinary ventures that tackle the world's wicked problems. 10.10.10 hosts programs that bring 10 serial entrepreneurs, validators and ninjas together for 10 days to tackle 10 wicked problems. To date 6 cohorts of 10 prospective CEOs each have produced nine new ventures, including BurstIQ, Apostrophe Health, Concert Health, Recalibrate Solutions, Upsuite, Spout, HeyHerbie Cowella and Legacy Foundry. Another 4-5 are on the way. ______________ Personal goals: 1. Support the creation of great companies that deliver success for key stakeholders (founders, management, investors, employees, partners and customers) and for "the commons" (community, society, the world). 2. Help entrepreneurs and large organizations work together to deliver innovative products to market. 3. See those I care about find their own path to a great life. Experience: Founding, co-founding and supporting venture backed technology businesses, raising capital, building founding teams, crafting a strategic vision, developing business models, forming startups, coaching executives, negotiation, business development, customer development.

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