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• Operational, Performance, Process Transformations • Digital Experiences (DXs) • Business Value of System Integrations • Change Agent • As a proven Executive Leader with tens of millions of dollars in impact to the bottom line, I joined AppFusions for the opportunity to help companies implement cutting-edge solutions that drive significant optimizations to their internal, external, and hybrid digital experience needs, and ultimately, improvements to their bottom line. The AlohaDXP Digital Experience Platform supports unlimited intelligent integrated experiences (spaces/portals) in the cloud or on-prem, for any purpose, context, or need, allowing you to transform your integrated business (including mobile out of the box)! In my 30-year career, I have a track record of high-profile experience marked by managing high-performance teams, improving processes, and developing cutting-edge solutions. I have a reputation for being pragmatic while implementing change that drives real results. AppFusions is enabling me to continue to grow that reputation by impacting many more companies at an even greater scale. If you are positioned for growth and need to change the digital experience/workplace for your Customers (CX), Employees (EX) and Suppliers (SX) to drive measurable improvements, let’s have a conversation about what AlohaDXP can do for your bottom line. While connecting 100s of enterprise systems on-premises, hosted, cloud, and a mix of all - combined with the timely growth of SaaS - AppFusions is a pioneer in the industry, in the right place at the right time.

About Todd

  • Span of Control

    The number of people reporting to them

    lt 10

  • Industry

    Computer Software

  • Size of Company

    In terms of revenue

    $50 - $99 Million

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  • Business Function

    Customer Service

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