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Executive leader with significant expertise in all facets of business from innovation to organizational structure, competitor analysis and tactical relationship management. Successful in transforming businesses using a growth-driven culture, turnaround strategies and financial management abilities. Skilled in collaborating with all members of an organization to achieve wider business objectives, with meticulous control over P&L. Instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing technology solutions to drive change and business transformation. During my career, I have been successful in transforming businesses using a growth-driven culture, proven turnaround strategies and financial management abilities. Projects I have been involved in have reached multi-million value and required a strategic approach to achieve objectives and goals. I find that change and transition is efficient when collaborating with all members of an organization, with meticulous control over P&L and a focus on achieving wider business objectives. I have participated in operational excellence by inspiring teamwork, streamlining and improving processes, empowering independent thinking, open communication and implementing innovative technology solutions. My academic credentials include bachelor degree (Marketing, PR, Advertising, Journalism), MBA and Law School, with grant writing, life coaching, NLP training and a number of other healthcare certifications. I am dedicated to continued professional development and welcome further opportunity to increase my skill set. Through LinkedIn, I seek to expand my network of contacts to share interesting articles with similar professionals and keep abreast of changes in the corporate world and emerging trends in technology.

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