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I will continue to help guide EnergyLogic in maintaining it's position as a leader in the residential energy efficiency industry. We'll do that through continual refinement of our services and products via as much visionary entrepreneurship as we can muster. The things that we do result in meaningful improvements in the efficiency of buildings and homes. Our delivery of energy ratings, energy audits, energy training and energy related software products are our "hands on" approach to the industry. It's a key to our being part of being the solution. I've been blessed to have had both deep and broad experiences in this field both in the practical side of the hands on work of analyzing buildings on a daily basis and in the incredibly exciting and challenging role that now fill managing and growing this company and keeping it on the cutting edge with regard to both our professional capacities and our progressive foundation. Specialties: Program development, Training, Quality Assurance, Public Speaker, Consultant

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