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Sigrid Cottrell's concern for the health of the environment and well-being of children everywhere became prevalent after the Fukushima Daichii nuclear meltdown disaster, that began on March 12, 2011. This event reconnected her with her long-time friend and now business partner, Andrew Heath, a futurist and global visionary who has spent the past 30 years researching, dissecting and perfecting renewable energy technologies. Sigrid is now CEO of both, Solar Hydrogen, Inc., and HyCarb, Inc., working within the renewable energy & zero-emission technology fields. HyCarb is currently building an "Eco-battery" that is less toxic, and up to 99% recyclable. HyCarb is using it's advanced patented materials, that allow our batteries to charge 5X faster, last 5X longer, with 5X the battery life. In addition, the formulation of our electrolytes and separators prevents thermal-runaway, which keeps our batteries from catching fire. What's more, the unique properties of our energy storage devices allows us to design extremely lightweight batteries that are scalable from the nano-size to the utility-grid scale. Sigrid is utilizing, Solar Hydrogen, as a vehicle to help lead the global movement to a zero-emission society. Her plans for, HyCarb's patented technologies are to help eliminate our carbon footprint on the planet. HyCarb's mission is to find uses for carbon that are so valuable, it makes no sense to release it out of our smokestacks or tailpipes. Sigrid is confident that by continuing to work together with innovative, thought-leaders, globally, we will continue to implement Solar Hydrogen's Mind Map that addresses worldwide solutions to pollution. One of the paths Sigrid is heading down, to realize this zero-emission society, is orchestrating the creation and introduction of HyCarb's Eco -products into the global marketplace. This will help to provide more life for all and less for none.

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