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Growth Accelerator. Brand Energizer. Culture Champion A growth focused professional marketer with over 28 years of experience across small cap, mid-cap, and large cap organizations. I help accelerate the revenue engine for subscription-based Internet businesses. I love building & mentoring teams to come together to create the right brand platform and help sales win with high performing pipelines. We always find creative ways to incorporate marketing best practices, smart MarTech implementation, and actively lean into sales to help revenue grow as our key measure of success. We are anchored in story telling to help our teams and customers succeed. I also invest time exploring the next frontiers of marketing to add to the tool kit to help drive growth. As a brand strategist, with a proven collaborative approach to architect and energize the right brand platform for your organization. I believe to win in the market you must have a clear purpose, and then a winning category separating brand promise. Once that brand promise is created, it requires an organization-wide engagement to consistently deliver on the brand promise at every touch point of the customer journey. My professional career has centered in tech, Internet (incl. Cloud), video, media, entertainment, higher-education, transportation, construction, both private equity held as well as publicly operated companies. Ping me if you are struggling with having your brand show up in the right way, and/or if you are struggling with accelerating your acquisition and retention go to market strategies and resulting tactics performing the way they should.

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