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Kids Fit Kitchen, Compassionate Recipes with a Side of Exercise! We are here to create conscious connects to yourself and others, to food and to the environment through plant based nutritious ingredients and engaging movement. Nothing brings people together like the tradition and comfort of food! VISION: All kids will bond with their grownups through plant based nutritious food and engaging movement! MISSION: Kids Fit Kitchen's mission is to promote bonding between kids and their grown ups by leading them through compassionate recipes with a side of exercise. Through this engaging educational program, kids and grown ups will learn fun facts about why each ingredient is healthy for them in a humorous and relatable way. Our true passion is to create conscious connections that will last a lifetime! This is a huge learning curve that I am excited to take with full drive and motivation! I cannot wait to finally share all the creativity, laughter, bonding, learning and joy with families from all over the world! I cannot wait to help ease the daily fights of "picky" eaters and show grown-ups that when the kids are part of the process, they will eat it!! I cannot wait to help busy grown-ups realize they can create something healthy AND get in some exercise all within an hours time! Thank you everyone in advance for your time reading about Kids Fit Kitchen and any possible future crossing of paths we may have :)

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