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Strategic Sales and Marketing Management-- Improving Efficiency within the Organization. I'm a highly accomplished Communications and Sales Executive with a successful track record of leading diverse teams of professionals, across multi-sites, through strategic deployment, to achieve new levels of success and increased profitability in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. RESULT: Optimize brand development initiatives through Multi-channel Marketing, multi-facet analysis, and devising innovative solutions. I know how to develop and implement long-term and short-term Marketing strategies. Possess a track record of contributing improvement of the quality of traffic through devising unique marketing strategies and process optimization. Over my 30 years in increasing revenues, improving profit contributions, and maximizing customer satisfaction, I deliver consistent success in planning, development, and leadership of programs, resources, priorities, risk analyses, technologies, and process innovations that establish industry precedents and contribute to productivity, efficiency, and bottom-line performance. Extensive experience with content creation and production/supervision for all major communications delivery platforms including TV, radio, print, streaming, and digital media.

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