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Technology can help build better businesses and lives. I have always believed that tech, when applied conscientiously, is a beautiful enabler. When implemented with a firm understanding of the problems and the desires of the people it affects, it can have outsized impact on not just productivity and profit but happiness and satisfaction. I’ve been fortunate enough to deal with a wide range of technology implementations. From nationwide deployments of hardware-based audio/visual solutions to custom developed software to ERP implementations; I’ve seen how dramatically a good project changes a company and how a bad one cripples. Good technology accentuates the great aspects of your team. It frees them. It creates a space for their true talents to shine. I love working with teams to find or build solutions that fit them like a glove. The ones that open their eyes to all the new possibilities. Specialties: Leadership, Operations Management; Standards Design & Implementation; Business Software Development; Software Architecture Design; Audio, Video and Lighting Design & Integration;

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