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I have been fortunate to work in diverse industries, from aerospace to healthcare, and two things that stay consistent are the need for data, and the need for people. Data is ubiquitous but hard to find, necessary but messy, and critical but disconnected. As a data professional for my entire career, I've designed, built, and delivered solutions that transform data into knowledge to evolve enterprise decisioning at scale. That being said, I believe that data and technology will never fully replace people. People have creativity, passion, and intuition - which may ever be fully recreated in technology. There's a marriage between technology and people that we should strive to achieve: data and technology should augment us to optimize the way we work and live. I'm trying to drive individuals and organizations toward a state of bio/silico collaboration where we leverage the best of tech, data, and people to transform the way that we live, work and solve some of the worlds hardest problems.

About Raymond

  • Span of Control

    The number of people reporting to them

    Less than 10

  • Industry

    Health care

  • Size of Company

    In terms of revenue

    gt $1 Billion

  • Employees of Company

    The number of people working for this company

    gt 10,000

  • Business Function

    Information Technology/Engineering

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