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I am the CEO at where we help our clients to improve their product/process quality and compliance by developing Computer Vision based solutions. Our camera based solutions can detect wide range of objects, anomalies and movements. Our technology can cater to many different industries and is easy to configure for a specific use case. If you are looking for identifying faults in your final products or just compliance of your labor force, we can build and deploy that system is as little as 4 weeks. Our state of the art dashboard is available 24/7 for you and your team to monitor your "event of interest". -- I'd love to connect with you here on LinkedIn, and am always just a phone call away if there's anything I can help with. 720-331-6220 or email: As a Computer Engineer by education and an Entrepreneur by upbringing, I love solving multidisciplinary real-world problems by applying Engineering solutions. Over the course of my journey, I have had the privilege to work on complex problems which have impacted millions of lives. For me, the greatest joy is to see my work in the hands of actual user. My team and I have experience developing more than 80+ custom Vision Solutions for our clients across several industries. Our solution is not one size fit all. We train our Computer Vision models as per the client needs and tie the end to end solution to our Visionify Connect dashboard. Some of the recent use cases my team has worked on are - Color variance detection of the products flowing through assembly line - Shelf product out of stock detection for retail store - Machine belt cracks early detection - Temperature variance detection of Bagels flowing through production line - Safety hat compliance identification in a construction site - Meat cutting process variance detection - Product deformation detection - Distance identification - and many more -- Please visit to learn more about Visionify's solution and offerings. You would be amazed by the AI technology advancement which can do for you at a very cost effective way.

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