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Accomplished Chief Customer Officer and Operations Executive with a passion for leveraging a "WOW" employee experience to deliver a customer experience that will differentiate you in the marketplace and result in revenue retention, customer acquisition, and industry leading growth. As a leader, I truly believe it starts with "conversations", real and authentic interactions with people, that can be face to face or facilitated via the many evolving technologies that continue to break down communications barriers globally. The key is to remember it's about one conversation at a time, and that it's a process, not an event! To quote Susan Scott, "Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail, one conversation at a time." Check out my favorite book, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott! And as a leader, I feel it's my responsibility to ensure we drive that process, as our employees, customers, shareholders, and businesses depend upon it. I've held senior leadership positions directly involved in successful Planning, Engineering, Network Implementation, Operations, Business Process, Sales, and Product & Marketing in hi-tech industries. Our success was and is the result of hiring and inspiring highly motivated, goal-oriented individuals who leverage each other to exceed business objectives & consistently deliver results as a team.

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