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Inspired Leadership Delivering Measured Results In the past two decades my achievements include five career exits, four acquisitions and an IPO; the acquisition, transformation and resuscitation of two businesses; building two other profitable companies and helping to scale a startup's revenues from $0 to $30MM in less than 36 months. And most recently, the turn-around and acquisition of a $50MM Series C VC funded AI company. The Fine Art of Problem-Solving at a Higher Level Leadership requires the backbone and courage to disagree without undermining commitment. Today, increasing revenues with improved efficiencies to fuel growth and drive ROI is too easily promised but too rarely delivered. Yet a client-centric focus and strategic perspective makes everything possible. I've made it a feature of team and organizational culture, this is how change is embraced, and extraordinary talent is acquired, optimized and retained. I see the proof in over two decades of measured, cross-functional results, productivity, and accountability. My career can fairly be characterized by an unyielding customer obsession and relentlessly diving deeper to earn trust. Diverse Professional Experience with Rare Insight I've gained sector expertise in some of the most competitive and challenging industries: Healthcare, Insurance, ECM, Mobile, CRM, IoT, and most recently AI. As a VP, Senior VP, CTO, President, CEO and Co-Founder. I'm comfortable with evolving IT, rebuilding sales & marketing organizations, re-branding marketing initiatives, creating new partnerships, managing C-level enterprise customer relationships, securing critical funding, and delivering successful M&A outcomes for shareholders. All of this has given me a rare perspective to guide companies, help startups mature and achieve sustainable growth with a passion to invent and simplify while never forgetting that true leadership also requires taking ownership. Achieving Sales, Team and Organizational Success I'm ready to contribute as a leader and a teammate, putting organizational goals ahead of personal recognition, anchored by a curiosity to keep learning, never stop exploring and constantly improving. I bring a fierce bias for action because in business speed matters and is essential to efficiently and effectively drive success. I've demonstrated by leading globally distributed sales, marketing, and product teams, and by successfully turning around multiple million-dollar enterprises. The lesson from my wide breadth of business experience is that everything is possible.

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