Nigel Sharp

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Aquagga Inc.


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A British-Armenian driver of the Innovation Economy. I most closely align with a role best described as Innovation / Product Manager or Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur. I embrace directness and radical candor. Qualifying my self-descriptors I’ve grown two highly innovative technology startups (working on my third) through the early stages of venture capital funding and customer acquisition, studied as an engineer/technologist and more recently mastered skills in business and lean startup development. Alongside building startups, I’ve had a chance to #givefirst and mentor others through my EIR and business accelerator support roles, with over 300 companies mentored and close to 1800 pitches heard. I’ve co-organized Startup Weekends and Hackathons including specialist programs like the Lean Launch workshop series and Volt49 Google Sprint. More recently designing and producing programs like the Ocean Technology Innovation Sprint, Growspace Social Business Catalyzer, Big-5 Social Entrepreneurship program and most notably the Design Thinking based Innovation Dash series. Cumulatively engaging over 300 people nationwide in multi-day innovation methodologies and processes. I loved my time going through Techstars and the NSF i-Corps, I’m passionate about technology innovation and attracted to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) tech like Voice and gesture control, as well as the plumbing that goes on behind IT such as networking and security. My DiSC profile has me down as a strong "D" type, results, challenge, and action are all words I identify my behavior strongly with. I enjoy bringing my style into a diverse and critically minded team. Specialties: Product Management, Startup Ecosystem Building, International Business development, Product Validation and Customer Validation Consulting, Agile Lean and Design Thinking processes, Marketing and Communications, Engineering Product Design, Multicultural team growth and let's not forget Fundraising and connecting people.

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