Murali Swaminathan

VP, Application Engineering

ServiceNow Inc.


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Murali's Summary

Experience leading large enterprise product portfolios and incubating new products for very successful organizations. In addition, I've led very large initiatives for high-profile IT organizations as well. Adept at fostering collaboration among sales, marketing, engineering and C-level management to set and attain ambitious technical and business objectives. Strengths… • Evaluating, developing, and deploying systems that improve quality and efficiency • Aligning enterprise applications and product development with business objectives • Managing all aspects of large scale software development for SaaS products • Building and leading cross functional, global teams to peak performance MS in Software Management, Carnegie Mellon University. Professional Certificates In CSR, Sustainability & Climate Change, University Of California at Berkeley. Hold multiple patents. Specialties include: Product Development / Project Management / SaaS / Quality Assurance / Marketing Global Team Leadership and Development / ML Technologies / Strategic Planning

About Murali

  • Span of Control

    The number of people reporting to them

    100 - 999

  • Industry

    Computer Software

  • Size of Company

    In terms of revenue

    gt $1 Billion

  • Employees of Company

    The number of people working for this company

    gt 10,000

  • Business Function

    Research & Development

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