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Michelle's education is in Neuroscience & Leadership from Harvard University and Influence and Negotiation from Wharton. Michelle is a Diplomat at The American Institute of Stress and is an ICF Certified Master Executive Neuro Coach. Michelle is also a Virtual First Responder for the Harvard Medical School, coaching front liners to manage the impacts of COVID-19. In addition to her academic approach to leadership, Michelle has a 10 year background in Eastern philosophy, has 19 years in Stress Management and is honored to have been bestowed the esteemed title of Acharya (one who teaches by how they live) by a revered swami in India. She is a 3x entrepreneur with 31 career years in consulting and coaching and academia. Her work is highly respected at Harvard, CNN, The Mayo Clinic, Microsoft , FEMA and others. She is routinely labeled a thought leader in executive coaching and leadership development. Her book on Rewiring your brain for success is due out later this year and she is a regular contributor at CNN, and The American Institute of Stress, NBC and other media channels. Michelle is commonly noted as funny, refreshing, and practical.

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