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Clear Child Psychology


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CEO with a Lean and Agile mindset. A huge source of pride is her team who has a culture of empathy, cross-functional teamwork, and an environment that says loud and clear úwe've got your back. We commit to not only our customer's mental health but also our own. We work hard while also respecting the importance of health, rest and family time. In so doing we bring a fresh and enthusiastic energy to the families we serve. Background as a school psychologist and licensed Psychologist with a PhD in Child, Family, and School Psychology. Believing in the power of offering accessible and reliable mental health expertise to parents and professionals, Dr. Willard's team has a mission to reach a million families with concerns about a child's mental health. Rather than the random walk from professional to professional with no clear guidance or direction our tools lead parents and professionals directly to the providers needed to get help right away for their kids. By telling parents 'what's the matter' kids can get off of the waitlist get on with brighter futures.

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