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I am passionate about customer experience and culture. Getting these things right creates long-term competitive advantage through passionate employees and customers. Bright Horizons has excelled at our mission to help working families and employers succeed through a sustained focus on our culture and customers. I’ve had the great fortune to work in and lead new businesses within established companies for much of my career. As a result, I’ve worn multiple hats out of necessity – operations, services, sales, finance, strategy, etc. Uniquely, this role requires an ability to foster the autonomy and nimbleness necessary for innovation while maintaining a connection with the culture and strategy of the larger organization. Hallmarks of my teams’ successes include an emphasis on execution, creating solutions that can scale as the business expands, and developing people to meet growing needs. Specialties: Strategy, Leadership Development, Customer Experience, Operations, Partnerships, Process Improvement, Intrapreneurship

About Marc

  • Span of Control

    The number of people reporting to them

    100 - 999

  • Industry

    Other|employer services and benefits

  • Size of Company

    In terms of revenue

    gt $1 Billion

  • Employees of Company

    The number of people working for this company

    gt 10,000

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