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If you are a brand, company or association leader trying to innovate and grow, especially with female audiences, you may be experiencing a lack of resources, inspiration and time to problem-solve while the pressure to produce is immense (ugh). Especially now, it’s important to learn, adapt and pivot your marketing and your business. Imagine if you could: -think more like an entrepreneur -access inspiration and solutions for your business and marketing challenges -evolve your marketing strategy to more authentically connect with your female audiences - AND accelerate business growth What you need is someone who is immersed in innovation and the technology, deeply understands marketing with women and can apply that knowledge to help you accelerate your and your business. MEET KELLEY By combining best practices, start-up smarts and my powerful network, I help clients accelerate business by meeting the needs of female audiences. To help you meet your goals, I effectively and efficiently connect brands to their female consumers, associations to their female members and high-potential emerging brands to key audiences.

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