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Kay's Summary

A C-level executive, board member and change agent with a track record of building a performance culture, scaling a broad range of health care services and staffing companies. Cowling is passionate about exploring and maximizing each persons potential while achieving organizational and shareholder goals. Experience in advising CEOs, Board of Directors and Executive Teams poised for growth. Strategic growth, business development, organizational structure, talent acquisition, retention and technology efficiencies are areas of focus. Special interest in healthcare, wellness, behavioral health, transition from facility to home and new technologies to improve all of these. Contact me to learn more.

About Kay

  • Span of Control

    The number of people reporting to them


  • Industry

    Health care

  • Size of Company

    In terms of revenue

    $10 - $49 Million

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    The number of people working for this company


  • Business Function

    Administration (CEO, Pres., GM, etc)

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