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Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

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I have a passion for amplifying the voices of underserved and marginalized communities. That is why I chose to focus on international development policy and social enterprise in my graduate studies. As a result, I have spent much time working with communities in the U.S., Uganda, Tanzania, Nepal, The Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, and Ecuador. As a result, I understand what it takes to ensure the voices of all stakeholders are heard. As an innovator, I have used my expertise and experience in corporate social responsibility, social impact, and strategic partnerships to identify areas of improvement to increase internal alignment and collaboration. I focus heavily on stakeholder engagement internally and externally, finding avenues for engagement to improve the community's public perception, resulting in genuinely understanding the social and environmental impact in the community. As a trusted senior advisor and program manager, I have guided strategic activities to increase social impact by 30% for three years. And through the partnership and project vetting dashboard, I increased the number of partnerships and projects by 60%. And increased team engagement by 40% in the process of evaluating potential opportunities. I was able to accomplish this by using my skills in project management, excel, and marketing. Through my abilities in monitoring and evaluation, I have been able to increase impact and increase the accuracy of impact measurement. I have shown middle and upper management the progress of strategic initiatives by creating dashboards and infographics in Tableau. My abilities in Tableau have allowed me to help shape decision-making for stakeholders internally and externally with various partners. I constantly am looking for ways to improve processes and streamline decision-making. I have extensive experience in creating standard operating procedures and policies. I have experience identifying areas of improvement and subsequently creating policies and procedures to increase the efficiency of my team.

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