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Vice President, Hydraulic Systems & R&D Corporate Technology



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John Brashears is an engineering leader with over 25 years’ experience in actuation systems for commercial and military aircraft. His work has involved leading and trailing edge flaps systems, primary and secondary flight controls, weapons bay door drive systems and horizontal stabilizer trim actuators. John has experience in hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuation with in depth knowledge of gear trains, safety protection devices, motors and flight control systems. He has built and led organizations in EM engineering, Physical Architecture (actuation sizing, analysis and aircraft interfaces) and Systems Engineering overseeing architecture definition, system design, safety, performance analysis and configuration management. John is currently Vice President of Hydraulic Systems and R&D at Woodward where he is leading new product development for primary and secondary flight controls and thrust reverser actuation systems. Woodward, Inc. was founded in 1870 in Loves Park, IL as the Woodward Governor Company after Amos Woodward invented and patented a better, faster, more efficient water wheel governor. Woodward Aerospace systems and components optimize the performance of fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms in commercial, business and military aircraft, ground vehicles and other equipment. For 150 years, Woodward has focused its resources and expertise on delivering proven systems that perform under incredible demands. Our customers have come to rely on us to help them address and solve the challenges associated with global efficiency initiatives – from reducing emissions, to increasing energy efficiency, to helping them introduce alternative energy sources.

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