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ProsperBridge PBC


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15+ years in financial services helped me see just how broken the system is. And, unfortunately, most employers and leaders are unknowingly feeding that system as it preys on their people. I am the CEO and Co-Founder of ProsperBridge, a Public Benefit Corporation funded by nonprofits that helps solve this problem. We work with employers and employees to provide a new ecosystem (we call it "Compensation 2.0") that multiplies the value of compensation, eliminates benefit waste, and helps people avoid the traps and discrimination of our financial system. In its short history, ProsperBridge has already helped eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, helped people save thousands on things they need, improved retirement savings, and helped people choose and use benefits more impactfully--resulting in better employee engagement, attraction, and retention. My ultimate goal is to help redesign work into an activity that gives access to progress and well-being for EVERYONE and helps address societal, environmental, and economic challenges.

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