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In 2000, Nature published two articles describing the first artificial networks. This landmark event set the stage for the emergence of synthetic biology as a new engineering discipline. It also set the direction of my career. Reading these articles was a life-changing experience that prompted me to seize every opportunity to contribute to this scientific revolution. I am working on a moonshot project to create a global infrastructure to design, develop, and manufacture emergency vaccines to manage emerging diseases. Can we imagine processes capable of producing new vaccines faster than new viruses can spread or evolve? What would it take to make these processes scalable and resilient? Is it possible to develop a vaccine technology allowing every country in the world to produce the vaccines it needs to protect its populations? These are some of the questions that are driving our research. This project brings together the results of 20 years of research in genetic design, biomanufacturing, gene network modeling, systems engineering, and security assessment of the biotechnology supply chain. While every aspect of the project presents its own challenges, none of them seem unsurmountable. My interest in this project goes beyond its scientific dimension. Ultimately, our collective success depends on our ability to catalyze a change of culture in the life science community. As an educator and entrepreneur, I strive to imagine creative ways to help various stakeholders of the bioeconomy better appreciate the benefits of automated processes that produce the data needed to support model-driven product development programs.

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