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Javier is Co-founder and CEO at Virtualmind, an IT Staff Augmentation company based in Argentina. He is an entrepreneur with a degree in Systems Engineering and more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. Before founding Virtualmind, he gained experience by developing software for some important companies in Argentina. After a few years, his eagerness to face challenges encouraged him to set up Virtualmind, a company that, with sustained growth, has delivered innovative solutions to many US companies. Throughout the years, Javier has built a successful company which now has more than 80 engineers and, he is actively involved with every single client that wants to partner with Virtualmind. His expertise has led him to find the right solution for each client and work as a team player towards the success of their business. You can reach him at jminsky@virtualmind.com or visit Virtualmind at https://www.virtualmind.com

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