James Keppel

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Energetix Health Inc.


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I'm James Keppel, an established entrepreneur focused on creative and innovation efforts. I specialize in building and promoting products, services, and places that respond to the wants and needs of users. As a seasoned maker and orchestrator of complex projects, I have managed strategic design and development projects end-to-end with large, multifaceted teams, coordinating many specialty disciplines. I have been a leader in Strategic and Product Development efforts throughout my career. I've also directed all project and product management duties, including product planning, design, development, market strategy, resource scheduling, budgeting, project timelines, implementation, and stakeholder relations. My role in the universe is to help shape how people experience and react. I'm a business strategist and thinker, and I know that the value of any idea is virtually zero without impeccable execution. According to Geni, I'm a Fifth Cousin Once Removed to Walt Disney. Who knew? Currently, Founder + CEO at Energetix Health, a HealthTech start-up that provides a health and wellness program based on custom lab tests interpreted using proven scientific methods.

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    Less than 10

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    Health care

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    lt $10 Million

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