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Janine has spent the past 15 years passionately pursuing the art and science of successful grab-and-go retail. She has worked with 1,000's of hotels, commercial developers, owner/operators, and brands to identify the challenges that traditionally limit the overall performance of lobby shops and common area retail outlets in commercial real estate locations. With the crisis we experienced in 2020, on-premise grab-and-go convenience stores with self-service kiosk technology became the only food and beverage option available to hotel guests, workspaces, and residences. Williams' vision for Impulsify is to make adding this offering simple, affordable and highly profitable for businesses who would benefit from an onsite grab-and-go market with minimal overhead/staffing requirements. Williams' unique combination of skills and experience in retail procurement, retail design,POS automation technology, and revenue analysis results in an unprecedented expertise in designing highly profitable retail outlets for non-retail businesses.

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