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I'm the Founder and CEO of Digital Deets. My inspiration for Digital Deets came from experiencing the pressures of fundraising as both a teacher, volunteer, and community organizer. As a teacher for 11 years, I learned that fundraising for my Title 1, refugee magnet, school was a constant worry. And, as an involved PTA member in my children's schools and community organizer in my neighborhood, I realized the same fundraising issues existed for many nonprofit organizations. I rarely saw a consistent and sustained effort to raise funds within my local community. Also, I was frequently targeted by fundraisers that asked me to donate money or make purchases in order to support my favorite cause and I couldn't keep up with all of the requests! So, I envisioned a way for schools to raise money all year long by allowing businesses to tap into the school communications already taking place. It quickly evolved into a fundraising engine that is fueled by local businesses partnering with schools and nonprofits. My mission to create stronger, more connected communities has come to life on Digital Deets.

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