Heather Callender-Potters

Co-Founder, Chief Advocacy & Shareholder Relations Officer

PharmaJet, Inc.


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PharmaJet is a private drug delivery technology company which has developed a family of patented, proprietary needle-free injection technologies, able to deliver injection of liquid medicines into the body. Our core technology provides for fixed dosage delivery, which is particularly well suited for injection of vaccines. The sterile syringe is designed for single use, and has an auto-disable feature, thus addressing the elimination of needles, needle re-use and needle stick injury in a revolutionary way. PharmaJet is the only commercial stage needle-free jet injection technology which serves the immunization market, and enjoys multiple "firsts and onlys" clinical and regulatory claims from key global reference groups (FDA, CEMark, WHO PQS, and 40+ country registrations). The company has demonstrated in 60+ completed clinical studies a combination of confirmations of safety, non-inferior and superior immune responses to needle-based delivery. Anecdotal efficiency statistics (savings of 10-50%+), patient and caregiver preference (89-99%), and participation (up to 18%) in immunization programs. PharmaJet also enjoys 60+ collaborations with partners globally working to develop novel indications in infectious disease, oncology, auto-immune, allergy, antibody and other indications. The opportunity to help ensure improvements in efficacy to bring nucleic acid vaccines and therapies to market is best evidenced by the world's first DNA vaccine approved for human use. A COVID-19 indication, Zydus Cadila utilizes the PharmaJet intradermal platform exclusively for injection due to the improved immune response versus needle-based delivery.

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