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A Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a keen interest in business, I have 30 years of experience overseeing and developing innovative technologies. I have particular expertise in hydraulic systems for powertrain applications such as transmissions, hydraulic hybrids, hydrostatic dynamometers, hydraulic valve actuation, digital pump controls, fuel injectors, etc.. In 2007, I co-founded Czero with Chris Turner, who shared my vision for a mechanical engineering R&D firm focused on developing profitable new technologies and products that reduce energy consumption and emissions. Since then, we've built a broad portfolio of successful projects: natural gas vehicle (NGV) engines, hydraulic-hybrid vehicles, algae based biodiesel, cleaning machines that use liquid CO2 solvent, new storage technology for renewable energy, and many others. We are passionate about providing absolute engineering excellence and bring a strong business focus to early-stage engineering R&D, collaborating with an outstanding team to create valuable intellectual property for our clients, rapidly and cost effectively. SPECIALTIES * High-bandwidth hydraulics (fuel injectors,solenoids, hydraulic valve actuation, etc) * Hybrid vehicles (hydraulic and electric) * Automotive powertrain and component design * Automatic transmission design * Renewable energy (tidal currents, concentrating solar power, energy storage, biofuels) * Electronic controls * Dynamic and hydraulic modeling (Simulink)

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