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Identity security is my passion, and it is the subject that my company, Bewley Software Productions, Inc. (BSP), is built around. My interests extend far beyond the few data elements which agencies/organizations classify as personally identifiable information (PII), to include the personal data which describes who you are, how you live, what you believe in, the mistakes and advancements you made, and more. With the time I have remaining following my day job as a Senior Software Consultant, I work to complete the revolutionary identity protection system which I have spent the last several years designing. With the MPID system,, we will fight back and eliminate data breaches, inoculate identities against fraudulent use, and expand upon a rock-solid framework to improve the lives and organizations of people around the world! This is who I am at the very core of my being, and I invite everyone with a desire to help fight back against identity fraud and abuse, to join us in this effort.

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