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Don has a BSME degree from Bradley University in Peoria, IL followed by a BSEE degree from University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. He was hired by Hewlett Packard right out of school and worked for 10 years in HP's Advanced Product Division in Cupertino, CA. While at HP, he designed motor control systems for HP's printers and plotters, headed the development of HP's first portable computer, and studied control systems at Stanford University graduate school of engineering. Don lived with his family in Taipei for a year as Managing Director of Wyse Technology's computer assembly facility and headed the engineering/manufacturing team of about 2,000 persons. After returning from Taiwan, he worked for Sun Microsystems and managed a team of 200 engineers and 450 production workers and was responsible for the shipment of $2.3 in Revenue. In 2008, Don joined Proterra electric bus company which was, at the time, a startup in Golden, Colorado. As VP of Engineering and Manufacturing, he lead the development of their initial hydrogen fuel cell bus, followed by the development of the lithium ion battery powered bus technology used in Proterra's buses today. His team also designed the composite bus structure. Don designed and developed two generations of simulators and motion bases. The first simulator was for the FA-18 Super Hornet and the second was for the F-35 Lightning. The FA-18 motion base used hydraulics while the F-35 motion base used electric actuators. Don is named on over 50 issued patents and has a new unique drone that is designed to carry heavier loads for longer distances. The drone is intended for the transport and delivery of medical and non-medical payloads, and infrastructure, powerline, and agricultural inspection. Don's background is outlined above and he would very much appreciate your input as the new drone product is developed. It is very important that this product is designed to meet your future needs. Although Don is new to the drone industry, he is a seasoned manager who is not new to the key elements of drone design: lithium ion batteries, DC motor design and control, and light weight composite construction.

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