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I am an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer and motivational speaker. At 16, I was the second-youngest person ever to set foot on the South Pole. At the pole I flew an American flag to present to President Carter. Thirty eight years later, I was finally able to meet and present the South Pole flag to him. To put myself through college, I started and managed a sailboat charter business. At the age of 25, and fulfilling a long time dream, I sailed across the Pacific to Tahiti on a 34-foot sailboat. In 1986, after returning from Tahiti, I co-founded ValuSource and became ValuSource’s president. Shortly after starting ValuSource, and together with my wife Michelle, I co-founded Kids Express, an alternative K-9 school which focused on academic excellence, self-awareness, interpersonal communication and personal responsibility. I built ValuSource in to the leading provider of business valuation software, data and services. In 1994 John Wiley & Sons acquired ValuSource and in 2004 I bought the company back. I was a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Mountain Region. I co-created Lessons from the Stage for Prison, a high-impact life skills based performing arts program for at-risk and incarcerated teens and adults where inmates embody life skills by putting on a play of their lives through the lens of choice, change and personal responsibility. Lessons from the Stage was inspired by my work with 7 Habits on the Inside, a prison program teaching 7 Habits. Along with my wife, I co-founded The Christmas Tree Project (featured on CBS national news), an organization who's mission is to provide free decorated Christmas Trees to families in need. We started with one tree, $20 and Craigslist ad and to date have given away over 3,000 Christmas trees. The website is www.thechristmastreeproject.org. My mission and passion in life is be a catalyst for transformational personal and business change.

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