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I started my first company at 15, and sold it to a major competitor 4 years later. I started my second company a few years after that, and sold that one 4 years later as part of a strategic acquisition. I'm now on my 4th tech company, and I know how to dig into your idea and find the gold, the killer feature, the thing your users absolutely cannot live without... And I know how to help you turn it into a business that will make real money for you. I started coding when I was 8 years old, and over the past several decades have learned what great technology implementations look like from some of the smartest people in the industry. My first two companies were all about web design and development and finding ways to help companies come into the new era of promoting and doing business on the web, and it turns out, I have a natural knack for business. My past experience building my own startups gave me a lens through which to examine what would work for other business types in tech and how to apply those processes and methodologies for other people who have great tech ideas. I developed the curriculum for the Raika Technologies and Startup Program based on what I've done in my own companies and those of our clients, all for one guiding purpose: to help new app and tech entrepreneurs spend as little time and money as possible evaluating their idea, helping them get to a go-no-go decision quickly and efficiently. I also developed a process to help stakeholders, Project Managers, Product Managers and IT professionals at all size companies test new ideas without impacting their teams, road maps and corporate priorities. We help companies and entrepreneurs get things done!

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