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CEO&FOUNDER of Steven Walker Productions S.W.P and Clay Principles: Steven Walker Productions believe in the 3 I’s. Innovation- S.W.P is founded on the principles of CREATIVITY and DEVELOPMENT of original content. Inspiration- S.W.P will inspire people around the world to pursue and achieve their DREAMS and GOALS by diligently pursuing them. Integrity- S.W.P is a company that believes that HONOR and RESPECT are the foundations of success. CLAY WALKER: I'm a great person and treat people the way I want to be treated. I'm a person of Integrity and like to laugh and have fun and handle business. SWP goals is to work with Warner Bros.,Sony Pict.,Liongate, just to name a few. Its going to happen. "I'm headed to 'Sundance Film Festivals!!! Wow!!! Clay, is the CEO/FOUNDER of Colorado Global Film Festival & Steven Walker Productions both are located in Colorado. 1st Union Feature Film Clay Created/Produce called DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH currently on Amazon Prime. 2nd Soul Custody won multiple awards including Best Feature Film at the 2020 San Diego Black Film Festival. Soul Custody received Distribution offers. Soul Custody coming to Theaters near you in 2021. DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH/ film trailer Clay Walker backstory video: Clay Walker called BE YOURSELF Denver News7 Diamond In The Rough movie Premiere: Denver Local News: Colorado Springs KRDO NEWS13 SEEKING PARTNERSHIP for CGFF I'm currently in development with another project called Colorado Global Film Festival. CGFF is going to be bigger than Sundance Film Festival Here's a short promotional video:

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