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I have spent my entire life trying to understand what it means (and what it takes) to be a powerful woman and a fully-expressed human being, just like you. After decades of “fitting in†and “figuring out,†I realized that it’s more exhausting to stay small than it is to be seen and heard in the truth of who I am. Why do some struggle to step into greater positions of power and leadership? Two main reasons: limited self-concept and a culture of sameness. I created Emerging Women™ and Emerging Human™ to support leaders looking to influence cultural and systemic change through authentic leadership and connection. As a result we’ve worked with tens of thousands of humans to become more powerfully expressed and to lead with what matters most. HR DEI and Talent Development professionals trust us to work with their top talent to increase connection and conscious leadership for a more engaged and inclusive company culture. The impact of our human-centered, organizational leadership is HUGE. We consistently help our corporate clients: ~ 50% Reduction in attrition ~ 30% Increase in employee engagement ~ 70% Growth in career mobility Contact me for: 👉 CORPORATE CONSULTING: If you need to: Increase diversity in leadership and succession planning Retain top-level executives Leverage peer mentoring and sponsorship support to create an authentically connected culture 👉 COURSES, COACHING MEMBERSHIP: If you are looking to: Increase your leadership Visibility Soul-purpose self-expression (DM me to join our monthly live mini-courses, group coaching, or to join a Power Circle.) 👉 INDIVIDUAL COACHING: If you are ready to Increase your self-expression Hone your clarity of purpose Lead radiantly with your true purpose I work with a small number of female corporate executives, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs looking to catalyze their Emergence. I am grateful to be surrounded by the most talented, creative, and loving people in the world. 🙠I’m here to help, so let’s connect and forward your vision with trailblazers like you who want to lead with purpose! Expand what you think is possible for your leadership and your life; email me today at Services: Corporate Consulting | Women’s Leadership | DEI | Succession Planning | Sponsorship Programs | Executive Coaching | Authentic Leadership | NLP Coaching | 360 Assessments

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