Bryan Glenn

Executive Director of Software Development

E*Trade Advisement services (now part of Morgan Stanley)


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Bryan's Summary

Forward-thinking executive with a track record of driving innovation and growing technology organizations, infrastructure, and products. Co-founder of multiple start-ups, I have real-world experience bringing software products to market under tough conditions. Known for my ability to solve difficult problems and build amazing cultures that care about winning (and a wee bit of fun). I focus on expediting software delivery, scaling IT infrastructure (moving to "the cloud" and implementing"DevOps), culture change, process improvement, and adoption of Lean principles. I leverage my own experience along with what science knows about human behavior, motivation, and engagement to build better organizations. Specialties include being fun to work with, scaling IT infrastructure, building out continuous delivery software pipelines, implementing test automation, shaping and executing on product strategy, enhancing and maintaining internal IT infrastructure, building open and contemporary software platforms e.g., RESTful web API's, mobile platforms, browser extensions, etc., balancing legacy platforms with new development, and scaling SaaS-based platforms. Influenced by the work of Robert Sutton, Dan Pink, Jason Fried, Geoffrey Colvin, Eric Ries, Cali Ressler, Jim Collins, and my children.

About Bryan

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    lt 10

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    $10 - $49 Million

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    Information Technology/Engineering

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