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During one of the most disruptive times in our entire history, people are floundering when it comes to where to use their buying power. Whether you're a digital agency owner concerned about how to stay essential, or anyone else running a client-based business, Brent Weaver has the solution. From a bank balance of three dollars, Brent grew his digital agency to seven figures a year while managing more than 300 active clients, including Dish, Anheuser-Busch, InBev, and Adobe. As the Founder & CEO of UGURUS, he creates educational programs that help digital agency owners get more leads, secure more deals, drive additional revenue, increase profits, and achieve freedom in business and life. In addition to leading UGURUS, he is also helping other companies with his digital marketing expertise. He is in partnership with UnlimitedWP*a scalable white label WordPress development team to help digital agencies grow without all the headaches of hiring and managing people. He's also a Brand Ambassador for Cloudways, a WordPress hosting company, helping them evangelize their platform. When readers follow the principles in his newest book, Get Rich In The Deep End, they'll identify their ideal target audience, build awareness of their business, use stories and frameworks to attract the right customers, establish their authority, and build a marketing engine that will help them acquire a solid, growing client base. With over 10,000 downloads a month and 135 episodes and counting, Brent hosts one of the leading podcasts in the business niche*The Digital Agency Show. Whether you're just starting out in business or you're an industry veteran who can't seem to get the recognition you deserve, Brent shows entrepreneurs and business owners all over the country how to own their market to become an invaluable expert for their chosen industry and build the stable, successful business they've always dreamed of.

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