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Bipin Agarwal is CEO of Aivante. Aivante is Healthcare financial Solution company, creating solution for 200 million people who buy healthcare insurance, supplement plans. Aivante will help people select the right healthcare plan, supplemental plan before and after retirement, and understand their healthcare expense over a lifetime. Bipin Agarwal was a co-founder, Director, and Executive Vice President of the North American Operations at Tanning Technology Corporation. As a member of the company’s operating committee and board, he participated in M&A activity, developed strategic business alliances, maintained analyst relationships, and helped take the company public in 1999. Mr. Agarwal was the chief architect for several large scale open systems, and is nationally recognized for the design and deployment of TP monitor-enabled online transaction processing and strategic decision support systems. He has led and architected many of Tanning’s large-scale solutions including the system architecture for E*Trade, FedEx, FundServ. Mr. Agarwal has been an angel investor in several other technology related companies including SpeedEra (a content delivery network company) and PercipEnz (a clinical trial software company) . He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from IIT in India, where he graduated as class valedictorian in 1985. Specialties: Business strategy for, for-profit, and non-profit, fund raising, social entrepreneurship, advising start-up. Founded a company focused on IT services and took it public. Managed the operation of the company in US, Europe and India. Grew the organization from 2 people to 500 people. Have been an investor in several other start up including SpeedEra, Percipenz.

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