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Anne Dougherty is the co-found and co-owner of ILLUME Advising, LLC (ILLUME), a research consultancy serving the clean energy industry. In her executive role, Anne leads ILLUME’s brand vision, business development, market strategy, and sets the strategy for ILLUME’s technical service areas. Anne launched ILLUME, with business partner Sara Conzemius, with a two-fold vision: to bring humans dreams and aspirations to the center of clean energy development and to do so with a consultancy that gives priority to the dreams and aspirations of ILLUME’s employees. This vision clearly struck a nerve. ILLUME grew from a team of two founders to a multi-million-dollar consultancy of over thirty professionals and serving over 50 clients comprised of states, non-profits, and utilities. In 2019, ILLUME was ranked the #1 consultancy in three separate categories (Leadership, Culture, and Money) by IvyExec, edging-out larger firms like McKinsey & Co., Bain, and Deloitte. Anne began her career as an applied social scientist focused on applying human-focused research techniques to solution development for Fortune 100 companies. Seeking to apply her expertise to social good, Anne entered the energy industry and quickly built a reputation as a subject matter expert in the human dimensions of technology, program, and service development, overseeing multi-million-dollar research studies before launching ILLUME. Anne is a sought-after thought-leader, speaker, and stakeholder facilitator. She has delivered multiple keynote addresses, including a lecture at the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences and opening keynotes at visionary events such as Shades of Green. Anne has also presented on multiple expert panels for governing bodies, including the US Department of Energy, the California Public Utilities Commission, NYSERDA, the Minnesota Department of Commerce, and provided testimony for the Maryland Public Utilities Commission. Anne’s work can be found in numerous peer-reviewed industry proceedings. She serves on the planning committee for the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference and has given over ten years of service to the Behavior, Energy and Climate Conferences. Anne lives in Tucson with her husband, Eric and daughter, Jonah and their giant tomcats Brisby & Nicodemus, and equally large desert tortoise, Hugo.

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