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Andrew McGregor serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO for the agricultural predictive analytics firm, GeoVisual Analytics. Building his management experience working for companies such as Herman Miller Inc., Knoll International, and Warburg Pincus Ventures, he progressed through over 15 senior leadership assignments. His career background covered multiple functional areas before progressing to general management roles such as CMDO, Managing Director, Executive V.P., President, and COO leading over 5,200 employees globally. Best known for fixing troubled operations and launching new ventures, he regularly brought in best practices from different industries such as the TPS, TQM, and EVA. The foundation of his leadership style for these multinational assignments was built upon Herman Miller's pioneering work in "Participative Management", from experience gained working with advisors such as Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, and Peter Senge along with legendary industrial designers such as Eames, Nelson, and Stumpf. His global supply chain thinking was shaped by collaborations with firms such as H.P., TI, Apple, and Toyota. The constantly demanding experience gained helped him lead companies to become recognized by Fortune Magazine as both úOne of the Most Admired and ú100 Best Companies to Work For and a world leader in pioneering management practices. Besides the financial revivals, he helped establish brand leadership with R&D awards for innovation such as Best of the Decade by Time Magazine, and Best Consumer Products of the last 100 years by Fast Company, with iconic products such as the Aeron chair. These assignments compelled him to build a broad foundation in operations and business strategy, change management, and organizational development, along with credentials in product and services R&D, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, and B2B multi-channel marketing. Mr. McGregor received his undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology and Pre-Med from the University of Texas at Austin, then followed with postgraduate executive work at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business. With the constant progression of assignments and regularly doing business around the world., he and his family have lived in numerous cities such as London, Paris, New York, Chicago and now Denver,

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