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Transform Energy


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Transform Energy (TE) will transform extreme rural poverty and global climate change at the same time by turning chips of invasive hardwood like mesquite into a carbon-neutral direct coal replacement. This process takes 1 hour instead of the 300 million years Mother Nature takes to make the coal that is currently responsible for producing 80% of India's electricity. Transform Energy's villager-owned kilns produce Green Coal, our proprietary carbon-neutral coal replacement. This Green coal has the same energy as coal and is a direct replacement for traditional coal, plus it's made entirely from renewable resources, such as invasive mesquite trees and other biomass. The kilns are villager owned and operated to create many jobs in very impoverished and rural areas across the planet. Plus we train entrepreneurial villagers to run the businesses and take profits, further strengthen local economies. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the 2 billion people earning less than $3/day.

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