Adam Cookson

CEO & Co-Founder

TekDry International, Inc.


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* Co-Founder of TekDry, a retail consumer service for vacuum-drying electronic devices in 30 minutes * Launched TD Laboratories, LLC, a spin-off medical technology company that has developed and patented vacuum chemistry for sanitization and sterilization of medical devices * Leader of manufacturing production and technical teams from early operations startup stages through launch and beyond. * Extensive experience with strategically planning and leading new manufacturing startups, both international and national. * Conducted hundreds of hourly and salary recruiting interviews for internal and external candidates. * Recruiting, training, and leading special teams of high-performance team members Specialties: * Strategic planning and launch execution * Entrepreneurial startup fundraising * Team Development & Motivation * Toyota factory startup experience (X2) * International & domestic manufacturing plant startup * Trainer of quality investigation & improvement techniques. * Vehicle product development, launch, & model change management * Toyota Production System training * TBP (Toyota Business Practice) problem solving method trainer.

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