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I lead Lingoport, which helps our customers internationalize, localize and test software so it works well in every target language and locale format. Our software and services have major impacts on our clients’ worldwide customer outreach and revenue growth. We do this through a suite of software that supports continuous internationalization (i18n), localization (L10n) and QA in every sprint and release. Lingoport Suite consists of Globalyzer, Localyzer and LocalyzerQA. The suite also includes Lingobot (supporting globalization collaboration via Slack and Teams) and Lingoport Dashboard. It works with a wide variety of programming languages, IDEs and source repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. The suite connects to leading translation management systems, MT engines and localization vendor portals. We also provide internationalization services, advising on, and implementing i18n for complex applications that want to reach world markets faster and more effectively. I18n and L10n is often a drag on agile velocities, but with automation and best practices, it can be baked into every sprint and release, for faster rollout with higher quality. Our clients range from many of the world’s best-known global technology companies, to businesses making their first concerted efforts to compete in markets around the world. I encourage you to visit the resources and blog pages, at to learn about globalization strategies and tactics, besides learning about our products and services. I’m happy to discuss i18n and L10n challenges, supporting your globalization business case and helping you apply technology that helps you make great global software faster and better. Specialties: software internationalization, software internationalization tools, software globalization, localization coordinated with development, continuous localization, in-context localization QA.

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