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I am a convergent thinker. My insatiable curiosity drives me to constantly seek solutions. And my commitment to leaving the world a better place drives my determination to elevate the practice of law. I’m a seasoned attorney with over 15 years of legal practice experience, and I pride myself in having a diverse background. I’ve held various positions in the legal profession in private law firms, government, non-profit, solo practice, and as in-house counsel, so I have exceptional understanding of the law itself as well as the business end of the practice. For years, I have been exploring how to use technology to solve a seemingly impossible problem for small and medium sized businesses. I’ve seen first-hand how daunting it can be for businesses to manage their legal affairs—and how lack of transparency and poor communication was tarnishing the reputation of my beloved profession. I committed myself to finding a way to give confidence back to businesses and dignity back to the legal profession. LexDock is that solution. The intersection of technology, legal expertise, and transparency. The answer to helping businesses manage their legal affairs and get to business faster.

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